Be Smart and Save!

Your teen is excited about prom, and has been waiting for this day for a long time. A time where memories will be shared, and the event will forever be treasured. In the scheme of all this planning, a budger should be necessary. After all, prom is not inexpensive. Here are a few things to go over with your teenager to plan out the expenses before it leaves you broke.

Prom expenses- Im sure the other party, would like to save money as well, not unless there parents have no problem covering for everything. If youre on a budget, splitting the expense in half can save you money, instead of having your teenager pay for the whole cost. Well, let me re phrase that, your teenager wont be coughing up the money, you will. So make sure you discuss with your teenager that they go over who will pay for what.

1. Prom Tickets- Either party can pay for the whole amount, or it can be a shared expense. They can pay for there own prom ticket. 2. Flowers or accessories- Both parties purchase a corsage for the other. 3.Both parties pay for there own attire. 4. limousine- A shared expense for the entire group using the limousine. Everyone can pitch in.

Shop around! You dont want your teenage to get anything they first see. Make sure you shop around for bargains and sales. Check the phone book for local cheap dress stores, surf the internet for sales. and most importably dont be afraid to bargain with that cashier for a discount, for buying a tuxedo and a bow tie. Try to range out a cost, and spending limit of how much money you have available for your teenagers prom.

Dont give them an exact spending limit! Try not to start this budget by telling them they have only such and such amount money to spend. Youre teenager cannt control how much things cost. Trying to stay within a certain amount at this stage of the process will cause stress in them and create a rift between the two of you. This is a point in your teenagers life where they need you the most, laying down the law, might cause distress and anger. Instead, emphasize sells to your teenager. Explain to them, everything is not low priced in this era, and the two of you will need to find ways to save money.


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