Find out whats your body shape here!

  • Hourglass- Hourglass figures are usually the number one shape, most girls desire. They mostly look good in anything. Statistics show that men usually favor and prefer women of this form. HUH! And I want an ultra buff dude. If you were born with that body, then you got it made from day one. Hourglass shapes have:

  1. Full bust and hips
  2. Well defined waist
  3. Wide shoulders
  4. Shapely long legs

  • Round- Round shapes usually have an extra layer of jiggle over the mid section, and there waistline being the largest in there body. A drop waist and a low neckline can make the body look longer and slimmer. A low neckline helps enhance the bust. Empire cut dresses flatters this form because it beautifies there shape in a slender form, and lengthens the body and figure overall. Flared skirts also work well to decrease jiggle in your mid section. Round shapes have:
  1. Wide Neck
  2. Wide Rib Cage
  3. Roundish back
  4. Thick waist
  5. Narrow lower hips

  • Straight/Athletic- Straight shapes usually have an athletic build to them, somewhat of a boyish figure. They have large shoulders, and a muscular exterior. They have subtle curves. Boys like to have these girls by there sides because of there rough edge and there hint of masculinity. Some girls enjoy being a tomboy, but for that special day, these dresses can embrace there femininity they were born with. A-line dresses that are slightly fitted will help add volume and curves. Choose a neckline that will accentuate your bust such as halter tops. Try to avoid wearing tight fitting dresses that will display your square boyish frame. A dress that has a waistline with heavy decoration and detail will add more curves to your waist area. Straight shapes have:
  1. Average bust
  2. Large rib cage
  3. Flattish bottom
  4. Undefined waist
  5. Shoulders and Hips are just same width

  • Pear- Pear shapes usually are targets for attention. Most guys want there women with junk in there trunks, and have there bottom ridiculously big. Pear shapes typically have an average top, heavy round bottoms and large hips. To balance out those proportions for prom, try slimming down on your bottom, and play up your top half. Choose dresses with empire waist. Choose semi loose fabric that will skim and smooth out your shape. A-line dresses are also a good selection for this body shape, because it lengthens the legs. Pear shapes have:
  1. Slender neck
  2. Small shoulders
  3. Small bust
  4. Narrow rib cage
  5. Full thighs
  6. Wide lower hips
  7. Narrow and well defined waist



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