You'll be queen of your prom, with these easy hairdo tips!

Besides your dress being the big hit of the night, your make up and hair do should also compliment your attire. Your most important task is to locate the one best hairstyle that matches your face frame, body form, and dress style. Your job is to understand your individual attributes, so you will be able to determine if the hairstyle is the right one for you. Head size and body size count when considering your hairstyle, whether it is an everyday or an evening 'do. Your hairstyle must be proportion to the rest of your body. Face size is another thing to consider. For ex, if you have a long face you don’t want a tight pull back up do. This might just make your face appear longer and large. Pick a hairstyle that will bring out your best facial feature, while matching the richness style of your beautiful dress. Remember the importance of prom hairstyles to coordinate with the prom dress. Hence, there should be the perfect balance between the hairstyle, prom dress and other accessories before going on the prom night in order to look stunning and sexy. Consider the following when choosing your hair do for prom:
  1. Face shape- Various hairdo’s flatter different face frames.
  • Round face- If you have a round face, experts recommend up do’s, as they can lengthen the appearance of your face, making it longer and thin.
  • Long large face- For long large head frame, it is recommended that they do half updo’s or simply wearing there hair loose with some light curles, giving a romantic yet sexy look.
  • Small face, with long thick hair- Avoid having your hair surrounding your face, this can hide your face shape, and make your head appear even smaller! Try a french twist half up do. This will bring out your eyes and cheekbones, and show your strong beautiful features.
2. Body Frame- Your hairdo should equal your body size, proportion is the key.
  • Petite- Try the “romantic look”. This style typically looks good on everyone, however on a petite frame, it can bring out a more fuller look. To achieve this look, start off by putting your hair in hot rollers, if however you don’t have hot rollers, grab medium curling iron, and a large one. Use the large rollers underneath, and the medium rollers on the top to give it a soft, sensual wave. While hair is rolled, use light hair spray to spray over it. Let hair set in the rollers, until cool to the touch. While your curls are set, using your fingers or a wide comb to separate the and soften curls into a wave, do not brush it out.
  • Tall and curvy figured- It is recommended that you may need more volume to balance your particular figure. You might want to consider, wisps or curls or an even half up do. Your particular up do will of course depend upon your face shape. So if you have a smaller shaped head, you may not want to put hair pulled back. You want to be able to give the effect of a more proportioned head size.
  • Heavy Frame- Two looks for a heavy set girl is a glamour look with a straight part to one sided gloss pomade. First is to leave hair straight and decorated with jewel pins above the ear on the parted side. The second is to use pins to do an up do hairstyle. Gather all of your hair into a low ponytail and the base of your head and then twist it up into itself. Use fancy jeweled pins to secure any stray pieces and spray with a firm hold. The up-do tends to flatter heavy set girls. It works well to draw the eye up and create the illusion of height for both the short and heavy girl.
3. Types of hairstyles-
  • Up dos are the most recognized hair option, but there still room for variation Formal dresses works well with a sleek full up do.
  • Braids can be simple or fancy. A french braid is sophisticated and elegant. Or you can opt for an up do coiled braids.
  • Long, flowing soft curls works great for prom. Think loose waves cascading down your back.
  • French twist works well with elegant stunning dresses. Like a bun, you can wear yours sleek or let tendrils frame yor face.



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