Look YOUR best!


Which one are you? Choose your body type and be prepared to see what dress style embraces your body!
  • Tall & Slender with no visible curves and small bust-
  1. Empire Cut- This will give the illusion of a fuller chest. It will transform your body into a feminine hourglass.
  2. Ball skirt or A line Dress- This will add fullness to your slender shape, making your body look more shapely and defined. Dresses with heavy details and patterns help break your long slim figure, and add more character to your form. Also an open neckline, a cut out back or plunging V neck will work great with you.

  • Small frame with slight curves and average bust-
  1. Empire Cut- This will take the emphasis of the waistline and create an elongated line, also try to wear a dress with a short hemline and you can instantly look taller. Create a taller look with an column style sheath dress. Showing off your legs, and try wearing hi low, or asymmetrical dresses can make your silhouette look longer.

  • Curvy figure with a narrow waist, average to big bust, and round bottom-
  1. Sheath- This will show off your curvy figure, embracing your figure shape. This type of dress will accentuate your body in all the right places.
  2. A-line/Ball Dress- Want to hide those wide round hips? An A-line or ball dress will disguise your round bottom and will draw attention upward. Try a strapless bodice ball dress with a full skirt and cinched waist. This will keep eyes above the waistline.

  • Heavy frame, noticeable curves-
  1. A- line dresses- A line dresses usually don’t
    cling to every curve. A line dresses usually makes the waist look slim, and gently flows around your lower body.
  2. Ball Dresses- Ball Dresses will offer more bottom coverage. Ball gowns with corset waist will highlight your torso and disguise a full round bottom. The full skirt will hide any unwanted weight in the legs and thighs.

  • Medium frame with heavy bottom-
  1. A-line/Ball Dress- This will keep the focus on your top, then it will on your voluptuous bottom. Flatter your top with dresses that will accentuate your best assets. Strapless bodices are the best choice for your body type. It you have a great bottom and aren’t afraid to show it off, wear a dress with ruffles or other accents in the back to draw attention to your bottom.

  • Heavy mid section, large waist-
  1. Empire Cut- Empire or drop waist/no waist looks best on this type of figure. The high waist de emphasizes the mid section and lengthens your overall silhouette, giving you a slimming effect.

  • Large frame, H body type, with subtle curves. Broad shoulders, with toned legs-
  1. Empire Cut- This will add shape and personality to your silhouette. A full skirt and and a tight fitting corset will instantly highlight your waistline, giving you an hourglass feminine shape.

  • Medium frame, with wide, toned shoulders
  1. Strapless/Ball dress- Dresses that bare shoulders and back are sexy and attractive. Covering your wide shoulders will only make them look bigger. Strapless dresses with a slender bodice looks best. it pleasantly exposes your shoulder and trims your mid section. Try wearing a a strapless gown with a heart shaped bodice. The contour will flatter and focus attention on your sexy toned arms. Keep your hair out of your face, wear your hair up for a complete flaunting of your upper body.

  • Short or tall with Big bust
  1. A line/Ball dress- This will display a sexy bust.A dress with plunging neckline displays a hint of cleavage, but try to get a dress with wide straps to hide your bra. If the dress is a strapless, wear a bra that provides adequate support to give shaping to your big and sexy breast.

  • Short or tall with an A cup or smaller-
  1. Ball gown- This will add more detail giving your body a fuller shape. Also a heavy decorated bodice will add shape and definition to your bust line. If the bodice is strapless it must be tightly fitted for limited mishaps.


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