Every Teenagers Prom Nightmare

As if going to several shops, reviewing different online stores, choosing the best prom hair stylist, and looking for bargain dresses is enough, you have to deal with…..YOUR PARENTS!!!!!

Some people might joke, and say “They should understand right, IT’s PROM! I mean how bad can it really be?” These people are absolutely oblivious to your dad’s protectiveness, or your mom better known as “The Perfectionist”. You want that long beautiful Halter A line dress. It shows the silhouette of your body, and moves flawlessly with your figure. BUT your dad cant seem to get it over his head that you’re not 5 yrs older anymore, he can’t enjoy himself by chasing that little boy off, nor can he scare him with his boogie man faces. Your mom thinks the dress is too showy, and is concerned about what people will think of a mother who allowed her daughter to wear something so revealing and inappropriate. Here are a few tips to go over with your parents to eliminate all the pressures from your friends and family, and try to enjoy yourself as much as possible on prom!

Bringing up the past might do you some good!- Scrummage through your parents old pictures. Show your mom the pictures with her big beehive, and short colorful dresses, ask her what her parents thought of her. Why did she have that style? Did her parents approve of all the colorful short dresses she owned? Did her mom become upset with her because of the damaged she was doing to her hair to achieve the tall and big beehive look? And your dad with his tight long sleeve collared shirts, and his off blue tight bell bottoms with long hair. If people were to see that now, they would think he was a new hippie. Or a very feminine male. Explain to your parents that this is a new millennium, fashion has considerably changed. They might not be completely accepting of it, but let them know that there product (you) was born into this. This is the new style.

You want to look hip, not a person who looks like they can break a hip!- Shop with your mom at a couple of places, try on numerous amount of dresses. If shes going for the whole cover up look, explain to your mom that it does not accentuate your figure, it does’nt flatter your frame, nor does it make you look appealing or attractive. Reach a common ground with her. If she decides for you to wear a long dress, then have her agree to some spaghetti straps, or a strapless long dress. Show your parents the latest trends, that way you can both agree on something that is stylish and suitable for Prom. Also be sure to briefly state that you want to look attractive for your date, not look like one of his great aunts.

Yes, we know your older, but still keep your folks updated!- Let your parents know who you will be with at prom, give the phone numbers of your closest friend. Have them meet your date 1 month in advance, and ask your dad to be on his best behavior. Let them be aware of any after prom activities you might be attending. Be considerate and patient with your parents, afterall your daughter or son might be asking you, the questions you raised with your parents.


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