Hide that flab, avoid the following!

If you're on the heavy side, you want to wear dresses that will focus on your curves. If you want to hide just certain parts of your body to give the illusion of slenderness, avoid the following:

Don't wear big exaggerated shoes. Shoes that are wide, or look simply big, can make you look chunky.

Bright Colors make you look 10 pounds heavier. Clear, pure colors like red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple tend to add pounds. Use these colors in accessories like necklaces, earrings, and shawls. Wearing sequins and beads in hair are fine, as long as those your dress doesn't carry those patterns all over your body.

Don't wear clingy tight clothing. This will show the silhouette of your body. It will make you look chubby, so depending on your body shape, search for a dress that will flatter, and focus on your best feature.

Fluffy, ruffly gathered skirts, add pounds. So try to stay away from a dress, that has a huge tulle flared skirt, if you must, try to limit the roundness, by choosing a dress that's not that fluffy.

Stay away from bulk, and stuff fabric. When you wear fabric that feels bulky, it adds pounds, making you look bigger. Stick to semi loose satin.

Stay away from full sleeves. Bigger girls think that covering there body will make them appear thinner, but it only makes you look large, and chubby. If you have flabby arms, use thick straps.

Avoid contrasting shoes, if your shoes are lighter or darker than your dress , it adds 5 pounds.

Avoid having your hair hanging down over the neck. It breaks up the sleekness of the neck. Think up do!

Avoid the two tone dresses-one color up top and one color down below cuts the sleek line in half.

Avoid shiny material like satin, all-over sequins taffeta, metallics-save metallics for accessories.

Avoid busyness at the neckline, like big jewelry or ruffled necklines. This will only make your neck appear large, and attention grabbing. You want to slim down your neck, avoid having a lot of jewelry.


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