How to Measure Your Dress Size

Before shopping for your perfect prom dress, it is crucial you measure yourself. It may look picture perfect on our model, however not all of our body types are the same. Our models are typically about 5'8" tall. So if you want it to look striking on you, take accurate measurements. Hereís how:

First determine your body measurements; measure yourself bare for best accurate results.

  • Bust-Use a cloth measuring tape and bring it around your back and across your nipple line (typically the fullest part of the breast). Your arms should be relaxed, down at your sides. When measuring your bust, you are not measuring your bra size! Measure the fullest part of your chest OVER the bra cup. Try to wear the bra or undergarment you are intending to use with the dress for a more accurate measurement.
  • Waist- Bring the tape 1 inch above your belly button. Measure around the most narrowest part of your body. Your waist is measured where the measuring tape is sitting. Be sure not to suck in your stomach, and leave one finger under the tape so that you are able to breathe in your dress.
  • Hips-Measure yourself with your feet close together, bring the tape around the widest part of your hips, right across the hip bone. Another way of measuring your hips is, place your palms on your true waist, and let your fingers hang down. The tips of your fingers should be about where the fullest part of your hips is.

Please consider that even with accurate measurements, you may still need to alter the dress. Lets face it, no one is the perfect model size, that means prom dresses will most likely that some alterations will need to be made. Itís a necessary part of purchasing any prom dress if you want it to look perfect on you. You may not like the way it hugs your hips, or the way it shows the silhouette of your body. We also recommend you order a dress 1 size larger then your size, that way if alterations need to be made, they are able to repair the dress according to your body size. If however if you get a dress of your size, and it might be a little too tight, you wont be able to open up the dress. Remember, youíre able to take the dress a size down, but not a size up.

Also, PLEASE NOTE don't make assumptions on your dress size! It is imperative that you take down your measurements, and do not select the same size you would normally wear for a top or another dress. All dresses are manufactured differently, therefore some might run small or large. Choosing a size that is based on your measurements will be a more better accurate fitting dress.


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