Quick Tips on how to keep your bridesmaids happy with there dresses!

Shopping for a bridesmaids dress is never easy. First and foremost, everyone has a different sense of style, a dress that might be beautiful to you, might be hideous to one of your bridesmaids. You want them to be able to enjoy there dress on that memorable evening. Assuming your bridesmaids are all very close to you, you know they'd do and probably wear anything for you on that one special evening. They probably realize the bride is under a lot of stress, well under pressure, and still figuring last minute touch ups. However, you want your bridesmaids to stand out, with there figure, and there skin complexion. Here are a couple of tips you can do to eliminate problems, and keep everyone on there toes and smiling!
  1. Let them choose a design- Sure its your big day, and you want to be on top of things, and have the dresses coordinate, and match. However, you don't want your bridesmaids stomping around angrily, with a sour look on there face because you didn't let them have an opinion on the dress, and now they look like one of there great aunts. You can let your bridesmaids go out and shop for a couple of dresses, and have them choose there 2 favorite dress design. Have them try on the dress, and decide what style best suits them ALL of them. You should remember that your choice of bridesmaid dresses may not necessarily look good on your bridesmaids. Thats precisely why you shop for the dresses with your bridesmaids so they can put in there 2 cents worth.
  2. Comprise- Let them know what style you have in mind, however take there opinions and ideas into consideration. Ask them what style and color they feel there most compatible with, and with your help, have them try it on. Ask them what style they feel more comfortable with, and if it doesnt meet your criteria, try on another dress that you both feel comfortable with.
  3. Bridesmaids dresses dont have to be the same- If youre not on a tight budget, a great way to compromise is by getting each bridesmaid a dress of there choice. Just pick out a material of the same color that can be used on all the dresses so that they look coordinated and choose a color scheme that will compliment there skin tones.


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