Ways to look 15 pounds slimmer without doing the real leg work!

So you're prom is one month away, and you still have that extra flab hanging over your stomach, or you say its your bottom? Can you lose 15 pounds at the gym in 1 month? Probably. But if you want to take the short cut, and appear to be 15 pounds slimmer, try these slimming tips!

  • Try wearing a monochrome. A monochrome dress is a one color dress that elongates the body, making you look slimmer
  • Neutral colors, black, silver, gray, beige, taupe, gold, will make you appear taller and more slender.
  • Wearing dark muted colors make you look thinner. Not everyone should wear black, so think shimmery deep gray, silver, wine, raisin, burgundy, forest green, russet, midnight blue, golden brown, cocoa, or cranberry.
  • Try wearing vertical lines in fabric or pattern. Overall effect is up/down.
  • Wear Materials that skim along the contour of your body, not clingy or super tight.
  • Wear long straight skirts or dresses - be sure the skirt is not too tight around your behind!
  • Wearing slight empire waist makes your lower body look longer and thinner.
  • Wearing Heels creates the illusion of length to the leg. Making your legs appear longer.
  • Wearing a long necklace-or no necklace at all, makes the neck look slimmer and longer.
  • Wearing low cut dresses can make the neck appear look longer, however don't exaggerate the plunging neckline, too much cleavage can make you look tacky and trashy.
  • Wear fabrics that drape and move with your body, think along the lines of graceful, relaxed, fluid, soft.


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