Parents Survival Guide to Prom

Can you remember what it was like going to a formal event or to a big party like Prom? You might have wanted to look like that movie star with the strapless short dress, with her full bust and voluptuous curves? You wanted to look like the most beautiful girl on that dance floor, with all eyes locked on you. Before wearing that vixen dress, you would have to get an approval from your parents. “Are you kidding me? No daughter of mine will wear that dress, what will people think? You’re not old enough to wear something like that! The answer is NO.” You cried a river that day, swearing you would never be like your parents. Now you have a daughter, and she is coming to you with the same latest trend of fashion of how the new dresses look. You get a flash back of Jennifer lopez open dress. The bare midriff, the low cut neckline, the material clingying to every part of her body.

Before you undergo a heart attack, go back in time where you could have put yourself in your daughter’s shoes. Before laying down the law, and being brutal the way you’re parents were with you, why don’t you try to come to a common ground where both of you 2 will be pleased with the dress she chooses, and you dont have to worry about her getting a bad rep for wearing a trashy dress with no class.

Try to discuss the following:

1. Emphasize Class- Explain to her that you want her to show that she is a women of respect. That she carries herself with dignity. Let her know that some guys might get the wrong impression, and think her dress is an open invitation for sex. Emphasize on style and pattern. What dress will fit her character and highlight her persona. Tell her not to be so concerned with the little article of clothing she might have on that day. After all, she wants to be remembered as the girl who shined, not the girl who had a wardrobe malfunction. She doesn’t want to receive the wrong attention, nor be called “The Girl who practically just wore a string to Prom.”

2. Comprise with the styles- If she chooses a dress that has a bareback, let her wear it, IF theres something else you would want it to have. For ex: If she wants to wear a dress that is bare for her back, then let he know that you would want a long dress to minimize the exposing of skin. Girls want to feel beautiful, and look beautiful, like a REAL women. So some of her dress choices might reveal a lot of skin, try to be patient with her, as she might have a hard time discussing WHY she would prefer to wear a dress that disclose alot of skin. Taken into consideration that this is a new millennium, fashion has changed well over the years.

3. Fret about being unique- Girls spend time on countless shops, reviewing online stores, looking through each and every magazines to get a style of dress that no one else will have on prom. I mean, imagine going to prom and seeing 3 other girls with your same dress? Explain to your daughter, that the latest trends might be overrated, and there might be a higher chance of another girl wearing the same dress. So put emphasis on wearing a dress that accentuates her style, and underline her persona.


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