Picking the perfect jewelry for your Bridesmaids!

So you've already have the man you were dreaming about since you were a little girl. You have your setting and theme for your wedding. You picked out your special girls to stand next to you on the most exciting day of your life. Now, its time to take the light off you for a minute and think about how will you ever repay your bridesmaids for the help they've provided for you? Jewelry is a perfect gift, especially for an event like this. The beautiful dress that they will be wearing, will look absolutely beautiful with jewelry and accessories. To top it off, it also makes for a great gift. Your bridesmaids will cherish the bridesmaid jewelry you give them forever. It is a token of your special day that they were part of. Don’t forget, once you’ve got the bridesmaid jewelry picked out – add a little note of how much you appreciate all they have done for you in the planning of your big, special day! So before you start choosing what type of jewelry you want them to wear, think along these lines.

  • Pick jewelry to compliment the dress, not over power it- Everyone will be looking at the bride, and her ravishing dress. The audience will also be looking at the bridesmaids, after all pictures of you will be taken with your radiant dress. However, even though your jewelry should accentuate the dress, the primary focus will also be your gown! Your jewelry should flatter the dress, compliment it. Too much "bling bling" will make you look cheesy, and a target for attention. You want to stand out with your beauty and attire, not by tackiness.
  • Think Necklines! It is important to consider the dress styles when purchasing jewelry. You might want to get a full set (earrings, bracelets, necklace) A good way of thinking of how to purchase necklaces for your bridesmaids, is choose them to follow the style of the dress neckline. For example, for a v neck dress, choose necklaces with a Y-drop, lariat or back dangle, or the classic pendant style necklace.
  • For a unique touch, choose different jewelry for each bridesmaids- You chose your bridesmaids cause there all important to you in different ways. One might have the ability to tame you when you're feeling hot tempered and emotional. Another might know how to make you laugh so hard until you felt like you just endured an abdominal work out. All of your bridesmaids carry different traits, and personalities, so choose jewelry that loudly shout there character. You can get the same color of jewelry, however don't be afraid to mix it up with a different design of jewelry. If you keep the color of the jewelry consistent, it is a nice to way to showcase each individuals taste with congruency.
  • Its a token of appreciation- The jewelry you picked out for them, make for great gifts! So give it away! Wrap the jewelry, fancy the box with bows and lace. You want your bridesmaids to remember this day forever and if you have chosen wisely, they will be able to wear the jewelry for years afterward- and its guaranteed they'll remember that memorable day each time they do!


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