Types of Dress Fabrics

  • Chiffon- Made out of silk, rayon, cotton, synthetics. Chiffon is lightweight, transparent, and sheer. The tightly yarns could be either in the filling or the warp or both. The material is very strong, despite the filmy and lumpy look. Chiffon looks best on hourglass and tall and slender figures. Chiffon beautifully outlines, and hugs silhouette of body. Its delicate with a soft finished, often layered because of its transparency. Popular in over skirts, sheer sleeves and wraps.
  • Organza- Made of silk and rayon. Organza is a fine, sheer, crisp fabric. It has somewhat of a wiry and rough feel. It has a dressy type of fabric; sometimes it has a silvery sheen. Organza has a stiffer texture similar in effect to tulle but more loose and flowing. Popular for skirts, sleeves, dresses, and overlays.
  • Satin- Made of silk, rayon, synthetics. Satin usually has a lustrous, soft surface. It’s made in a variety of colors, weights, and qualities. Satin is a very elegant material, moves beautifully with most body types. It’s a heavy smooth fabric with a high sheen on one side, very common in prom and bridal gown.
  • Tulle- Made of silk, nylon, and cotton. Tulle has a hexagonal mesh, a very stiff material. It is stately type of fabric when used for formal wear and weddings. Also popular in quincenera dresses. Tulle dresses are great for disguising large hips, and heavy bottoms.
  • Taffeta- Made of silk, rayon, and synthetics. Taffeta is made in solid colors, fancy prints, watered designs, and variable effects. It is smooth with a stiff sheen surface. The textures vary considerably.


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