Get that perfect prom dress, with these easy steps!

  • Size- Size is an important factor when shopping for a prom dress. This is an important event for a young girl. This will be one of the most memorable day that they will cherish, so it is vital that they look presentable and unforgettable. While shopping for a dress, girls will buy a dress from the way it looks hanging from a hanger or on a mannequin. It is essential that they try it on! Do not get floored by the beauty of the dress only. It is better to have a fitting dress, which can flatter and enhance your curves, then have a beautiful one that might just make you look unattractive, and unpresentable. Take your measurements (measure yourself bare, gives more accurate results) and try various style dresses to decide what dress size suits you. You want to be able to breathe, and dance like a human being without having to suck in your stomach, and deprive yourself of eating on that big day, so don’t wear an ultra tight fitting dress. And on that same note do not get a dress that it too loose fitting either, you want to be able show your sexy curves, and getting a loose fitting dress will only cover up and disguise some of your best features. If you are a little on the heavy side, you can go to a designer and have a dress specially made fitted for you.
  • Body Shape- I would have to admit this is one of the most essential part in shopping for a Prom Dress. All of us come in different shapes and sizes. Take down your height, and measure your body (measure yourself bare for accurate results) and decide what style cut would best flatter your figure. For ex, if you have an average frame with a heavy bottom, you would want to look for a dress that will focus more on your top, and your slender waistline. Ball dresses and A line dresses will be great dresses to disguise and slender your heavy bottom. The dress you wear should compliment your profile. Remember to give yourself a close look in the mirror, this will help you to understand the shape of your body, and assist you on how to buy the perfect prom dress.
  • Pattern- The pattern, and style cut of the dress are also points worth paying attention to. Because a definite pattern or a cut can make you look completely different, it is important that you look your best by choosing the appropriate fabric and style. For instance, a long straight flow of a prom dress can make you look long, appealing and slender. However, if you are short and want to look taller, wearing a long vertical pattern might make you look even more shorter! So its best to search for a dress with an empire cut, this will take the emphasis of the waistline and create an elongated line, giving the illusion that you are taller.



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