Save yourself Money when buying that Bridesmaids Dress!

Buying a Bridesmaid dresses is a very critical decision to make. You have to make sure the color and styles match, that the dresses aren't damaged, and that OF COURSE that you look stunning in them! The bridesmaid is the next important thing next to the bride. A bridesmaid is one that should compliment the bride in her dress and in all ways. If you're on a tight budget, bargain shopping is fundamentally important. However, because the dress is "cheap" it is your job to make sure the dress isn't a recipe for disaster. Here are a few tips to avoid a bridesmaid nightmare!

  1. Do your Research!- When shopping for a cheap dress, research is essential. You can't be lazy for an event like this. Also, give yourself enough time to do some research, lets say the wedding is July 21st. Give yourself at least a month and a half before the wedding to search for a cheap prom dress. This gives you enough time to check through the latest fashion magazines for styles, search though different bridal shops to collect brochures and pamphlets, and surf the net for sales and discounts.. It leaves room for opinion, alterations, and exchanging dresses. Don't procrastinate! You don't want to disappoint your bride to be, you want everything to flow smoothly as possible.
  2. Create a checklist!- Don't take the long way, make this easy for yourself. Create a list of your fantasy bridesmaid dress. Write down your ideal color, style, pattern, fabric, and length. This article is about budgeting, so don't forget the bargain! Try to negotiate the cost with the owner, if he doesn't budge, move on! You don't want to be left broke after the dress, and have your hair look like a birds nest, and your make up done like a clown! Round off how much money you are willing to spend on the dress. If however, you come up on a dress with a great value, and beautiful style of design. Check the fabric, and make sure the dress is not damaged in any way, remember this is your job to look presentable and beautiful! You don't want to discover the dress had a huge slit in the back.
  3. Get an honest opinion!- Bring a blunt honest friend(s) with you when trying on your ideal bridesmaid dress. Sure, they may be a slight burden to be around when there being honest with you about your boyfriend, but these friends will be sure to let you know if the dress looks hideous on you! Make sure you bring one that knows you well, they can see if the dress reflects your personality, and flatters your figure. Don't bring someone to shop with that you vaguely know, or an acquaintance. They don't know your style, and your personality, there opinions are not very validating.
  4. Your final order!-Once you've decided what dress you will be wearing, take down your measurements accurately. Giving wrong measurements can potentially ruin the dress. Discuss openly about the alterations that need to be made. Since you will be wearing the dress, I can't fret enough about inspecting the dress. Do not be fooled from the way it hangs on the hanger with the protective plastic over it. It is your job as the consumer to carefully inspect the dress for stains, holes, tear, shredding, bad odor, or just plain damaged dress. When making the transaction, try to pay in credit card. That way everything is in writing. If you want to take extra pre-caution you can also write details of the dress on the receipt. Avoid taking the dress without proper identity from the store owner, even if they are offering a discount.
Your bride offered a position that is to be valued. She obviously asked you to be a part of her wedding for a significant reason. It is your duty as a bridesmaid to be responsible and understanding. Being a bridesmaid is a matter of honor. You need to look great, and compliment her on the most restless and anxious day of her life. This is the day to wear that smile on your face, and keep her relaxed and focus.


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