See what some of our past customers have said.
Order: **2088 Oberlin, KS
Comments: Just wanted to let you know that I received your dress 2 days ago and it is beautiful. I am very pleased with the dress and the service that I have received from you. Thank you, Melissa.

Order: **2011 Bowling Green, OH
Comments: Message: I just wanted to compliment you on your service and product quality. Your delivery was timely, product packaging was great and the quality is very good. My grandaughter has not tried it on yet for fit and we went by your measurement guide so I don't believe we will have a problem. I will certainly check here next year for her next prom. Thank you. Marla Morin

Order: **2042 DE
Comments: Hi! The gown was a HUGE hit on Sunday, just like I knew it would be. EVERYONE was asking where it came from. It was a show stopper!!! We had a full page ad in the program book for Camden Drive and the links and photos are on my website. Here is a promo picture for you to use on your website if you would like. I will send over one more picture as well A million thanks to Camden Drive for your generosity!!!! Warm Regards Laura Price Mrs. Delaware United States 2007

Order: **1002 Kanvas, WV
Comments: I bought my daughters prom dress from camdendrive.com and saved at least $75.00. I ordered the dress on a Wednesday afternoon and it arrived on a Friday. Time was an issue for me cause of the delivery, but everything was on time, and the dress was ravishing. I would recommend camdendrive.com to all my daughters friends.

Order **1242 SCOTLAND
Comments: WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a great site. Camdendrive deserves recognition. Everything is more expensive in the UK and these dresses were half the price of other online stores. I can not state how helpful theyíve been with there service, and price. I received the dress in about 4 business days. They did everything in a timely manner, and extraordinary service. From a very happy customer.

Order **1244: Birningham, ENGLAND
Comments: Im not a very savvy internet shopper, and I was extremely nervous about ordering online, especially from the US since I live in the UK. My daughter saw this vixen dress, and wouldnít choose an alternative. My first experience from buying online was like nothing I had expected. The dress arrived just a week after I ordered it in perfect condition, the dress looked like something out of a movie. Tracking my parcel was easy via USPS so I knew exactly when it came into the country and how much I would need to pay in customs charges, which by the way are minimal. Thank you so much for making my daughters prom all she dreamed it would be. My other daughter will be attending prom next year, and we know where we will be shopping. Thank you for the excellent service.

Order **1243 Leicester, UK
Comments: I always buy my daughters dresses online in the U.S because its way cheaper then here in the UK. I reviewed multiple websites, and I found camdendrive. I compared prices with other online stores, and they didnít even compare! My daughter didnít care much for designer dresses, but there dresses very much resembled those with a slapped brand name on them. Not to mention, the cost was 3 times less then those expensive designer prom dresses. I would definitely check this site out again, the dress fit like a glove and she looks like a movie star!!!!!

Order: **1004 Beaverton, OR
Comments: I made the mistake and procrastinated on the buying of my bridesmaids dress. I fretted about how much I needed the dress in a timely manner because I was going to wear it in 4 days! I ordered the dress on a Monday, and I needed to make sure I was going to get it by then. Camdendrive responded with such sincerity, and the dress was absolutely gorgeous. Iím sure I was a nightmare for a customer, but camdendriveís team answered me with patience and courtesy. Thank you to all the team at Camdendrive!!!

Order **1246 Proctor, VT
Comments: There was one specific dress that my daughter had her eyes locked on since she first saw it. I suppose it was a real popular dress because I tried 2 different websites, and they were either sold out or discontinued. Surprisingly, camdendrive had one more left in a size 12. I placed the order, and my daughter was starting to change her mind. I phoned camdendrive and told them to place the order on hold. Another person wanted to purchase the dress, and camdendrive immediately phoned me. I ended up purchasing the dress, and so greatful that I did. The dress was a big hit for my daughterís prom. Camdendrive was courteous to us, and gave us enough time to search and look for another dress if that one became backordered. No doubt I would recommend this site to one of my friends.

Order: **1706 Florence, SC
Comments: I placed an order for my sister for she was going to be one of my bridesmaids. When I received the dress, it was ravishing. However, when she tried it on it was too tight. I had ordered the wrong size. I reviewed there 3 day policy, and I filled out there request, and also to include an exchange. That same day I was given an RMA number, and my exchanged dress was already shipped out. A week later my card was credit back the full amount with no hassles. They made returning the dress simple and easy. Next time, Iíll be sure to look at the size chart for accurate measurements!

Order: **1219 Apple Valley, CA
Comments: My daughter has a very different style, a bit more dark then the average. On most of the online stores that we reviewed, the colors were too bright or the style was too mainstream for her. We stumbled across camdendrive and were in awe over the wide selection of dresses that they carried. She wanted something short, that way it would be easier for her to walk and dance and feel more comfortable with her attire. We found a lovely black and hot red short dress. It was formal, yet sassy and stylish. She loved it. When she received the dress it looked perfect on her. She glowed in that dress, not to mention it was cheap and looked like a million bucks! I highly recommend camdendrive for the fast service and wide selection of dresses!

Order: **1248 Gander, UK
Comments: I had ordered a dress from an online store here at the UK. I thought delivery from the US would be expensive and have a delay in shipping. Boy was I wrong. I ordered the dress, only to find out 3 DAYS later that the dress was backordered. This website took 3 days to to tell me it was backordered when I couldve already been shopping for an alternative! I was angry and frustrated thinking I wouldnít have a dress for my sisters wedding. I came across camdendrive, a US online store website and told them that I needed the dress mailed express. They explain to me it usually took 3-5 business days, and that typically there werenít any delays. I placed the order on Tuesday and received it on a Friday. The dress was not even half the price of what they were charging at the other website, Im only sorry I didnít see camdendrive first!

Order: **1009 Ollinsville, OK
Comments: I was really hesitant to buy my daughter a dress online. I wasnít sure if the dress was going to fit according to her standards, and if the dress was going to be defective and damaged. When I called to place the order, the representative assured me that all of the dresses were checked under a special UV lighting that is able to detect for stains, holes, and other damages. She also went through the measurements with me, and let me know what dress style ran big or small. I must have irritated her with my questions but she was helpful and courteous to my needs.

Order:**1778 Fresno, CA
Comments: Thankyou so much for your great service. The dress was beautiful and arrived soooo quickly, I will definitely do business with your company and recommend it to my friends.

Order: **2060 Acworth, GA
Comments: Thank you very much. Your customer service was excellent for this first time buyer. I will be back when I need another dress and will also refer you to others. Cyndi Varney Bray

Order: **2197 Noblesville, IN
Comments: I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. The dress I ordered is absolutely beautiful. I was thrilled with the fact there were no shipping charges and then pleasantly surprised when the garment arrived quickly, via FedEx. I expected it to take much longer since I wasn't paying for shipping. I was also excited to find a matching wrap with the dress - perhaps it is mentioned in the description and I didn't notice it, but either way, I was very pleased with that. Your company obviously goes above and beyond what is required and should be commended for this. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a formal dress and will be back myself, as my husband and I cruise often and your clothing is lovely for that.

Order: **4802 West Sacramento, CA
Comments: Thank you very much. I appreciate your timely response and your professionalism. I look forward to my package and doing business with you again. Mildred


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