What to wear to a military ball

A Military Ball event is an event held by the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guards, JR.ROTC, and ROTC. Its a night of recognition and honor for the members that one has dedicated in serving for our safety.  The Military Ball is a great night for service members to celebrate with there spouse and date, while valuing the job they commit to on a regular basis.  During the event, a special attention is brought to the order of events and ceremonies involved. The head of the unit will make a speech, and a guest speaker is usually invited to share their own story about the unit or branch.

Many people have questions on what to wear to a Military Ball Event." Should I wear a short dress?" " Should I wear a dress that is richly decorated?" "Should I wear a cocktail dress that is not too formal?" If these questions have also crossed your mind, read ahead for a brief description of what dress is suitable for this occasion.

Simplicity and Elegance are the 2 main factors that this dress must have. The people running the Military Ball underline the importance of wearing a dress that's refined and pleasing to the eye. Some wise advice from a Naval officer himself is try not to wear the same color of dress as your date. If you are not familiar with the colors of the uniforms, the list follows:

Army- Green or Black Uniforms
Navy- White or Blue(which looks like a black) Uniforms
Air Force- Lighter Shade of Blue Uniforms
Marines- Red and Black Uniforms
Coast Guard- Blue Uniforms

Don't allow yourself to to limit the choices or purchasing a dress for a Military Ball Event. Just because its not prom, doesn't mean you should be completely dreary of your dress. It is suggested that you wear a floor length dress, a dress that accentuates your body, but isn't clingy. Long, Strapless dresses are fine, for they are classy and chic in taste. Try to minimize the exposure of too much skin. This includes low cut necklines, and dresses that are opened from the sides. Red, toned silver, purple, gold, tan, green, blue, black are common colors worn to Military Ball Event. Try to limit designs and decorations on the dress. Think long, graceful, elegant, and a dress that will flatter your body frame and skin tone. You might put that headlight on you when trying to look your best, however it is essential that you look complimentary to your date as well. Back in the day, soldiers use to tease and say, they would bring there dates to show off. Not seen as a joke now, since you're date is person of honor and respect. Try to cover up any tattoos, and wear your dress confidently. Hair and nails are a must, and make note that you wear shoes that will feel comfortable throughout the night.

You're goal for the night is to leave an admiring impression they will never fail to remember.


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What to wear to a military ball.

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